Von Willebrand’s disease in Entlebuchi Mountain dogs: Recognition, treatment and care

Dog owner question

“Hi! My Entlebucher Mountain Dog (Entlebucher Mountain Dog), named Dalia, has an occasional bloody runny nose and some small cuts have been bleeding for a long time. I have heard that this breed is prone to Von Willebrand’s disease. What symptoms should I look out for and what can I do if Dalia is affected?”

Veterinarian’s reply

“Hi! It is very important that you have recognized the possible symptoms and mentioned Von Willebrand’s disease!

Von Willebrand disease is a genetically inherited bleeding disorder that affects blood clotting. Entlebuchi Havanese dogs like Dalia can indeed be prone to this disease.

Symptoms of von Willebrand’s disease include prolonged bleeding from minor cuts or wounds, bloody nose, bloody urine, bruising, bloody gums and prolonged bleeding after surgery. If Dalia has these symptoms, she is probably affected by the problem.

If you suspect that Dalia has Von Willebrand’s disease, make sure you see your vet!

The doctor can diagnose the disease through blood tests. If Duna is diagnosed, the doctor will probably prescribe blood clotting factors to be used before and after surgical procedures or if Duna is bleeding heavily.

There is currently no cure for this disease, but the symptoms can be treated and the disease can be managed well with proper medical supervision.

It is important, however, to be aware of the risks associated with Dalia, such as the increased risk of surgical procedures due to the blood clotting problems caused by the disease.

I hope this has helped and that Dalia gets better soon!”