Typical ear problems in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels: How to keep your dog’s ears healthy?

Owner's question

"Greetings! I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and some people have told me that this breed is prone to ear problems. What should I look out for and how can I best deal with this issue?"

Vet's detailed answer

"Hi! You asked a very good question, and it is indeed true that Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed dogs are prone to ear problems, especially ear infections.

This predisposition is mainly caused by their long, droopy ears, which restrict ventilation of the ear canal and create an ideal environment for bacteria and yeast.

Symptoms of ear infections include itchy ears, shaking or tilting of the head, ear tenderness, unpleasant smell, and redness and swelling in the ears.

If you notice any of these in your dog, be sure to take him to the vet for diagnosis and treatment!

The most important thing to do to prevent ear problems is regular ear examinations and cleaning. It is recommended that you check your dog's ears once a week and clean them if necessary.

You can use a special dog ear cleaning solution, which you can get from your vet or from a pet food store.

Carefully wipe the ear with a cotton ball, but never stick it deep into the ear canal as this can cause injury!

Also, if your dog is prone to ear problems, you may want to consider trimming his ears regularly to improve ventilation. Talk to your groomer or vet about this!

Ear problems are common in Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs, but can be treated with proper care. Always monitor the condition of your dog's ears and consult a professional if you notice any changes."