The Spinone Italiano Dog and Overspinning: an Active Race for Calm Days

Dog owner question

"Hi! Our Italian Griffon dog (Spinone Italiano), named Sax, is over-exercised and often difficult to keep up with. He runs all day and sometimes gets so excited that he has trouble sitting down or lying down, even at night. How can we help him understand when it's time to play and when it's time to rest?"

Answer from a dog psychologist

"Hi! The problem you are experiencing with your dog is not uncommon in dogs of the Spinone Italiano breed. They are originally hunting dogs and have very high energy levels.

Their excessive activity can cause difficulties even for their owners!

The first and perhaps most important step is to make sure your dog gets the exercise he needs.

Sax may need to go for long walks, runs or even play in the garden several times a day. Active games, such as ball games or Frisbee, can be a great way to release excess energy.

Secondly, your dog also needs mental challenges.

Educational games, agility, search games and teaching tricks are great ways to keep Sax's brain working while you tire him out.

Third, it's important to establish a daily routine.

Kuytas, including Sax, love routine. A daily routine helps them understand when things are going to happen. If he walks, eats, plays and rests at the same time every day, it can help him understand when it's time to rest.

Finally, if these strategies don't help, it's worth consulting a professional!

A behaviourist or dog trainer can help you find the best solutions for Sax.

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An active dog, like the Spinone Italiano, needs special attention to ensure that he gets the proper release of energy and a satisfying rest.

He needs both physical and mental stimulation, and a well-structured routine will help him understand when it's time to play and when it's time to rest.

If you're using these strategies and Sax's hyperactivity continues to cause problems, you may want to consult a professional for further support!"