The Polish Lowland Sheepdog and obesity predisposition: Diet, exercise or genetics?

Dog owner question:

"Hi! My dog, named Bubi, is a 5 year old Polish Lowland Sheepdog. Over the last few years he has put on more weight than I think is healthy. I walk him regularly and watch his diet, but nothing seems to help. Is there something I am doing wrong? Or is this breed of dog prone to obesity?"

Vet's reply:

"Dear dog owner! Obesity is a common problem in dogs. Some breeds, like the Polish Shepherd, are more prone to it than other dogs.

Many other factors can be behind weight gain, including dietary habits, exercise and underlying health problems.

Diet and exercise play a critical role in managing a dog's weight.

Although you have written that Bubi is exercising regularly and you are watching his diet, it is always worth reviewing these factors.

Perhaps you should increase physical activity or reduce calorie and fat intake!

Also, unfortunately, illness can contribute to weight gain. Hormone disorders such as hypothyroidism or taking certain medications can also affect your weight.

I would recommend that you take Bubi for a full veterinary check-up to rule out any underlying health problems!

And yes, genetics also play a role in weight gain.

Polish Shepherd Sheepdogs are prone to weight gain, especially if they don't get enough exercise and eat a calorie-dense diet. This means that a healthy diet and adequate amounts of exercise are particularly important for Bubi.

The best thing you can do for Bubi is to balance a healthy diet with exercise, and also to check her health regularly!

I hope my advice has helped and that Bubi is back to a completely healthy weight!"