The Pharaoh Hound mystery: uncovering unusual behaviour patterns

Dog owner question:

"I am the owner of a four-year-old Pharaoh Hound named Anubis. Lately Anubis has been showing strange behaviour: he stares intensely at the wall and then suddenly runs away. He seems healthy, but his behaviour has changed. Any idea what the problem might be?"

Vet's reply:

"I understand your concern about Anubis' unusual behaviour!

Pharaoh dogs are well known for their high intelligence and independence, but this behaviour is really strange.

Animals' behaviour often reflects the environment around them.

For example, if Anubis reacts to some tiny insect or spider that you can't see, this could explain his attention to the wall and his sudden movements.

On the other hand, ear problems or eye problems can also cause similar behaviour, such as staring at the wall or sudden rushing.

However, Anubis' behaviour may be caused by psychological factors. Boredom or anxiety can lead to unusual behaviour patterns!

If Anubis spends most of the day alone, or if his environment has changed significantly (e.g. moving house, arrival of a new family member), this may cause him stress!

It is difficult to make a concrete diagnosis based on your description, so take Anubis to your local vet!

He will be able to rule out possible health problems and may also be able to advise you on how to treat Anubis' behaviour if it is psychological."

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