The Pembroke Welsh Corgi and excessive hair loss

Dog owner question:

"My Corgi dog, Daisy, is shedding a lot. She has no visible skin problems, and I comb her regularly, but her shedding has not decreased. What should I look out for or what can I do?"

Veterinarian's answer:

"Hair shedding is a normal process in dogs and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed of dog is prone to heavy shedding, especially during shedding.

If Daisy's hair loss is indeed unusually severe, or if you see signs such as itching, redness, bald patches or sores of unknown origin, take her to a vet immediately!

Excessive hair loss can be caused by a number of things.

Some dogs have allergic reactions to certain foods or environmental allergens, which can cause hair loss.

In other cases, hair loss may be a sign of parasites, fleas, mites, fungal infections or even hormonal imbalances.

If you notice any skin inflammation, sores or redness on Daisy, contact your vet immediately!

If you have changed Daisy's diet or if she has been given a new type of reward food recently, these new foods may also be causing her hair loss.

Only your vet will be able to personally determine the exact cause and suggest what to do next. For example, dietary changes, anti-parasite treatments or allergy tests.

A thorough diagnosis is the key to finding the right treatment!"

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