The Pekingese Dog and Sudden Loss of Movement

Dog owner question:

"Hi! My Palotapincsi (Pekingese) puppy, named Ming, has recently started to move much less than before and walks more slowly. There are no serious symptoms, he just seems lazier. What could be causing this?"

Vet's answer:

"Hi! Ming's slowing down and less movement may be a cause for concern, especially if it happened suddenly!

Primary causes include possibilities such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, or even being overweight.

The Pekingese dog breed is prone to joint problems, especially hip joint dysplasia and patellar luxation! These conditions can cause pain and limited mobility.

In addition, the Pekingese breed is also prone to heart problems, which can also affect physical activity.

Overweight can also be a serious problem, especially in smaller breeds such as the Pekingese.

Overweight dogs have more pressure on their joints, which can cause pain and limited mobility.

In addition, being overweight also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease!

In other words, if Ming has suddenly started moving less, it's worth getting him checked out in person by a vet.

The vet will be able to determine the exact cause and recommend appropriate treatment. This may involve changes to diet and exercise, medication or even surgery. I hope Ming gets better soon!"

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