The Papillon Dog and the Mysterious Nibbling

Dog owner question:

"Hi! My Papillon puppy, named Pallea, is chewing and scratching an incredible amount, which is making his skin sensitive and irritated. Nothing has changed in his environment recently, neither in his diet nor in his bathing routine. What could be causing this?"

Veterinary answer:

"Welcome! Based on your description, it appears that your dog is having an allergic reaction.

In dogs, allergies often cause skin irritation and itching, resulting in increased chewing and scratching.

The source of the allergy can be food, environmental allergens (such as pollen, mould or dust mites) or fleas!

Flea allergy can also occur in dogs, where the animal is not allergic to the flea but to the protein in the flea saliva. A single flea bite can be enough to trigger an itch!

To make a diagnosis, I recommend that you take your dog to a vet who will examine Pallea and carry out further tests.

Treatment will include determining the cause of the allergy and further avoidance and minimisation of this source.

This may include changing the diet, using special shampoos, suggesting antihistamines or other medications.

Whatever the source of the allergy, the most important thing is that Pallea does not scratch or chew her skin too much! This can cause more serious skin problems, such as infections.

So contact your vet to start treatment as soon as possible."

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