The Olde English Bulldog and the Orrot Squeezing Problem

Dog owner question:

"Greetings! My Olde English Bulldog, Brutus, snores frequently and has difficulty breathing, as if something is blocking his nose. His appetite is normal, his behaviour hasn't changed, but this is the only thing that worries me. What can I do?"

Vet's answer:

"Hi! Based on your description, it seems Brutus may be experiencing brachycephalic syndrome. This is a condition that is common among short-nosed dog breeds and is caused by the particular shape of the dog breed's head.

Brachycephalic syndrome is a complex condition that can include narrowed nostrils, overlong palate, and other upper airway problems. These problems all contribute to difficult breathing and snoring!

Treatment options include lifestyle changes such as keeping in a cool environment and avoiding obesity.

Surgical intervention may also be needed in some cases to resolve airway narrowing!

The first step is to visit a vet near you in person who can confirm this diagnosis with their expertise and determine the most appropriate treatment for Brutus.

In all cases, early detection and intervention is important to avoid fatal respiratory distress."

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