The Old English Sheepdog and The Lost Voice: The Speechless Shepherd

Dog owner question

"Veterinarian! My Old English Sheepdog (Sheppa) has recently stopped barking all of a sudden. He was always very loud but now he is completely silent. Everything is fine at home. There was nothing that could have caused the change. What could be the problem?"

Vet's reply

"Dear Owner, loss of voice in dogs can happen for a number of reasons.

One cause could be some kind of throat injury or irritation. This can occur if the dog has really been barking too much or has rubbed its neck against something.

A small foreign object may be stuck in his throat, which could also cause him to lose his voice.

Other possible causes include internal diseases such as hypothyroidism, which is rare but can occur in sheepdogs.

Last but not least, stress and anxiety can also cause voice loss, although you mentioned that everything is fine at home.

As loss of voice can be a symptom of more serious health problems, I recommend that you see a vet as soon as possible who can examine Sheppa and carry out the necessary tests!

Do not try to correct the problem yourself or force Sheppa to bark, as this could cause further damage."

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