The Lurcher puppy and excessive energy: psychology and fitness recovery

Dog owner question

"Hi! We bought a Lurcher puppy, named Pippa, and she is our first Lurcher. Pippa is full of energy and can play and run around for hours every day. We are worried that she is too active and that this huge energy could cause problems in the future. What tips can you give us?"

Vet's reply

"Hi! It's great that your Lurcher puppy is so active and playful!

Lurcher dogs are very energetic dogs and need regular exercise to keep them healthy and happy.

However, be aware that excessive physical activity, especially in puppies, can be detrimental to developing bones and joints. Therefore, it is advisable to regulate dog exercise and monitor it carefully to ensure that Pippa is not over-exercised!

Lurcher Dog 6

On the other hand, excessive energy is often a reflection of our dog's psychological state. Pippa may be bored or stressed, which makes her seem hyperactive!

Try to give her the right mental stimulation, for example with different dog toys, agility training or even dog school.

Finally, remember that the Lurcher is a hunting dog breed, which means that he tends to be independent and self-reliant.

This means he can sometimes be difficult to control or stubborn. It's important to be consistent in rules and training, and use positive reinforcement when teaching.

I hope this answer has helped. I wish you good luck in raising Pippa!"

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