The Kooikerhondje dog and the sudden change in diet: hunger strike or serious problem?

Question from the farmer

"Hi! I have a Kooikerhondje dog named Kookie. He stopped eating his favorite food at one point. At first I thought he was just bored, so I tried a few other types of dog food, but he won't eat any of them. Otherwise he's doing well, playing a lot and his behaviour is normal. Is this just a phase he's going through or should I be worried?"

Answer from the vet


Any serious change in your dog's eating habits is cause for concern. That's why it's good that you noticed this and are taking the problem seriously!

Kooikerhondje dogs are notorious for being picky about their food. However, the fact that Kookie has suddenly stopped eating her favourite food and refuses to eat any other food raises several questions.

Firstly, Kookie's mouth needs to be checked for any diseases that are causing pain, such as tartar or gingivitis!

If everything is fine in his mouth, it's worth considering whether there may be other health problems.

Unexpected loss of appetite could be a sign of digestive problems, or even diseases such as diabetes or kidney problems.

As Kookie's behaviour is otherwise normal, as you say, it is unlikely that there is a serious medical condition.

However, you should definitely take him to the vet for a general health check!

Offer him some cooked chicken or beef, all dogs love these. This will tell you whether it's really his appetite that's the problem or just the food.

I hope this helps and that Kookie gets back to her normal eating habits soon!"