The Keeshond dog and invisible glass doors – An unusual problem

Question from the dog owner

"Hi! Since winter is here, our keeshond dog, Saffi, keeps bumping into glass doors. We have tried everything to teach her that glass is not permeable, but still the same situation. She almost broke the glass door once and we are afraid she will get hurt! What should we do?"

Vet's reply

"Hi! You are indeed facing an unusual problem. This situation is really unusual and it is understandable that you are concerned for Saffi's safety.

In dealing with this problem it is important to first understand why Saffi is doing this!

It could be that she can't see the outside world clearly through the glass and it's bothering her, or it could just be the feeling of the cold glass that's making her curious.

One possibility would be to try to reduce the attractiveness of glass doors.

It might be sufficient to reduce the interior light so that the glass does not reflect Saffi's image, or you could restrict access to the glass doors in some way.

If this does not help, you should consult a vet or behaviourist. He or she can look at the situation in person and help you understand why Saffi is behaving this way. He will then be able to advise you on how to change this behaviour!

It is important to remain patient and consistent when dealing with behavioural problems!

No problem will be solved immediately, but with time, proper treatment and patience, the situation can improve.

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Thank you for sharing this problem and I hope Saffi soon learns that glass doors are not playthings.

I wish you all the best of luck!"