The Italian Greyhound and Tooth Problems: The Tiny Jaw Big Challenge – Veterinarian Answers

Dog owner question

"Hi! Our Italian Greyhound, Bella, has recently started refusing food and I have seen her drooling. I would take her to the dentist but I am afraid it will be stressful for her. What can I do?"

Vet's reply

"Hi! Bella's case is a cause for concern, but it would be a very good step to see a vet.

Italian greyhounds are unfortunately prone to dental problems, especially tooth decay and tartar build-up due to their smaller mouth size and narrower jaws.

The first and most important step is to have the problem in Bella's mouth diagnosed by a vet. Yes, the first visit is likely to be stressful for her, but it will definitely benefit her in the long run!

If the problem is indeed dental, early diagnosis and treatment will prevent further complications, including severe pain and loss of appetite.

Secondly, dental care is not only the responsibility of the vet, but also of the owner.

Dental care at home, such as regular brushing, helps prevent dental problems. You can also introduce special diets and dental care toys to help fight tartar.

Finally, if Bella is already suffering from a dental problem, your vet will probably recommend any necessary treatments, which could include tartar removal, medication or even tooth extraction.

These interventions, although they may sound scary, can significantly improve Bella's quality of life!

Treating your Italian greyhound's dental problems will require both daily care and professional help. Dental care is key to maintaining Bella's health. I am confident that Bella will be happy and healthy under your care."