The English Setters and Skin Changes: How to Recognise and Treat Breed-Specific Dermatitis?

Dog owner question

"Hi! My English Setter, Daisy, scratches frequently and I have noticed that her skin is red and irritated in certain areas. I have read that this breed is prone to skin problems. What should I look out for and what can I do if Daisy gets skin inflammation?"

Veterinary answer

"Hi! You are correct, English Setters are prone to skin problems, including dermatitis, which causes inflammation and irritation of the skin.

In this breed of dog, this is often genetically inherited and can develop for a variety of reasons, including allergic reactions, parasites (such as fleas), dry skin, or even over-bathing.

The most common symptoms are itching, redness, swelling, redness, small, conspicuous nodules on the skin and hair loss.

English Setter 2

If Daisy scratches frequently and you notice red, irritated skin, it is likely that she has dermatitis.

The first step in treating dermatitis is to visit your vet, who can determine the cause of the inflammation and prescribe the right treatment!

This usually includes topical ointments, creams or shampoos to help relieve the inflammation and itching. In more severe cases, the vet may also prescribe steroids or antihistamines.

To prevent this, it is important to check Daisy's skin regularly for signs of problems, especially after bathing. If possible, avoid bathing too often as this can dry out the skin and contribute to the development of dermatitis.

Also, regular flea and tick treatments can help prevent parasites that cause skin inflammation.

I hope this information helps and Daisy gets better soon!"