The English Setters and Arterial Thrombosis: recognise the signs!

Dog owner question

"Hi! My English Setter, named Lady, has been acting strange lately. Sometimes it seems like she can't move or is in pain. I have heard that English Setter cats can be prone to thrombosis. Is this true? If so, what should I look out for and how can I treat it?"

Veterinarian's answer

"Hi! I understand your concern and it's good that you are taking Lady's strange behaviour seriously.

English Setters do have a tendency to thrombosis, which is the formation of blood clots in the arteries.

The signs of thrombosis depend largely on which artery the clot is in. The most common symptoms include limping, weakness, loss of appetite and pain.

Sometimes the dog's legs may be cold and pale and the pulse weak. Limbs affected by blood clots are often numb and weak and the dog may suddenly collapse or limp!

If you notice any of these symptoms in Lady, take her to the vet immediately!

English Setter 4

Thrombosis is a serious condition that requires immediate medical intervention. The doctor will probably prescribe anticoagulant medication to help dissolve the clot and prevent further clots from forming.

It is important to be aware that the treatment of thrombosis is lengthy and Lady may need your constant care and support.

You should follow your doctor's instructions on the dosage of medication and check Lady's condition regularly to see any changes quickly.

The vet may also prescribe a special diet for Lady to help improve blood flow and reduce the risk of thrombosis. This may include eating a high fibre, low fat diet and a balanced, complete diet that includes all the vitamins and minerals she needs.

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Most importantly, keep an eye on your Lady's behaviour and health and if you notice any worrying signs, take her to the vet immediately. Thrombosis is a serious condition, but with proper medical care and attention, dogs can often live a full life."