The English Foxhound and Excessive Exercise: How to Manage the Energetic Nature of the Breed?

Dog owner question

"Hi! We have an English Foxhound, Bruno. He is extremely energetic and sometimes difficult to manage due to his excessive exercise needs. What can I do to give him the exercise he needs and avoid behavioural problems?"

Veterinarian's Answer

"Hi! English Foxhounds are indeed a very energetic, active breed that require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. They need this because they were originally bred for fox hunting, which required great stamina and endurance.

First, make sure Bruno gets enough physical activity on a regular basis!

This could be long walks, runs, hikes or playing in the garden. Agility training and other dog sports can also be very beneficial for such energetic breeds.

Secondly, mental stimulation is also important.

Search games, such as "find the toy" or "find the food", or interactive games such as intelligence games, can help Bruno keep his energy occupied.

Third, appropriate behavioural training is also key.Basic obedience commands such as “Sit!”, “Down!”, “Stay!” can help control your dog’s energies. In addition to basic obedience training, “clicker training”, which is based on positive reinforcement, can also be very effective.

English foxhounds require an active lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

This can take time and commitment, but the result is a happy, healthy and balanced dog. I hope these tips will help you and Bruno in your everyday life!"

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