The Dog of Bordeaux (Dogue de Bordeaux) and Obesity: the Importance of Prevention and Treatment

Dog owner question

"Hi! My Bordeaux Great Dogue (Dogue de Bordeaux), Bruno, has recently started to gain a lot of weight. I know that this breed tends to be overweight, but how can I control his weight and avoid obesity?"

Veterinarian's reply

"Hi! I'm so glad you recognize the importance of maintaining your dog at a healthy weight.

Bordeaux Dogs like Bruno are indeed prone to being overweight, which can cause a number of health problems including heart disease, joint problems and diabetes.

The prevention of obesity depends mainly on a combination of a good diet and regular exercise.

First of all, it is particularly important that Bruno gets enough food, but not too much!

Great Dogues de Bordeaux have high nutritional needs, but this does not mean that they can eat without restriction.

Too many calories can contribute to weight gain. If you're unsure how much food to give Bruno, consult your vet or veterinary dietician who can help you put together a personalised diet for him.

Secondly, Bruno should also get regular exercise.

Because of the large and muscular build of the Great Dane of Bordeaux, they need regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight. This could be long walks, runs or playing in the garden.

If Bruno is already obese, it is important to start weight loss slowly and carefully so as not to be too stressful for him.

It may be helpful to work with a specialist to develop a safe and effective weight loss plan.

Great Danes of Bordeaux are prone to obesity, but a proper diet and regular exercise can help prevent this. If Bruno is already overweight, it's important to consult a professional to begin weight loss safely and effectively.

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I hope this has helped and that Bruno will soon be in better shape!"