The Danish-Swedish Farmdog and allergies: how to recognise and treat them?

Dog owner question

"Hi! My Danish-Swedish Farmdog (named Sigge), sometimes behaves in unusual ways: scratching, shaking his head and seemingly without reason being in a bad mood. Several times I have noticed that his skin is red and inflamed in certain places. I thought it was allergies, because I think this breed of dog is prone to them. What symptoms should I watch out for and what can I do if mine is allergic?"

Veterinarian's reply

"Hi! Very good that you recognize that Great Dane guard dogs are prone to certain allergies. Due to the genetic heritage of the breed, some dogs are more likely to have allergic reactions than other breeds.

Signs of allergic reactions can vary, but the most common include itchy skin, redness, runny eyes and nose, sneezing, ear infections, inflammation around the mouth and licking of the feet.

Sigge seems to scratch and shake his head, which may indicate irritation to his ears or skin.

If you suspect an allergy, it is important to see your vet as soon as possible, who will examine Sigge and determine whether or not he is allergic. If he is allergic, the doctor will probably prescribe antihistamines or steroids to relieve the symptoms.

Many things can cause allergies, including food, parasites (such as fleas), environmental allergens such as pollen, dust mites, mould, and even certain materials such as plastics and rubber.

If you can identify what is causing the reaction, it's best to avoid these allergens in the future.

In addition, as allergies are common in Great Dane guard dogs, it is important that you check Sigge's skin and behaviour regularly in the future to spot any changes early!

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I hope this has helped and that Sigge gets better soon!"