The Dachshund: understanding and managing aggressive behaviour

Host question

"Hi! What's wrong with my dachshund? He is very aggressive towards other dogs, which I can't control! Can you help me?"

Dog psychologist's answer

"Hi! It's important for you to know that dachshunds are known for their temperament and are prone to aggressive behavior towards other dogs or strange people.

This breed was originally bred as a hunting dog, which is why they have a "brave" nature that sometimes manifests itself as aggression.

However, aggressive behaviour is not normal. Depending on the behaviour, your dog may become fearful, anxious or protective!

First, it is important to try to understand what may trigger your dog's aggression.

Observe your dog and try to identify patterns or triggers. Your dachshund may have a hunting instinct triggered by the sight of other dogs, leading to aggressive behaviour.

Dachshund 4

Secondly, aggressive behaviour can usually be treated with appropriate socialisation.

If your dog has not had enough contact with other dogs and people as a puppy, he may become frustrated or aggressive towards strangers. Socialisation can help your dog understand how to behave with others and reduce the likelihood of aggression!

Thirdly, professional behavioural therapy can help solve problems. A behavioural therapist can help you understand the causes and triggers of your dachshund’s aggression and offer advice on how to deal with the situation.

Finally, it's important to consult a vet about your dog's aggression to rule out possible medical problems, such as chronic pain or hormonal abnormalities, which can also cause aggression.

Dachshund aggression does not mean you have the wrong dog!

Always try to understand your dog's behaviour and know that most problems can be solved with patience, love and the right help."