Small Munsterlander Dog and the mysterious sock syndrome

Dog owner question:

"Mr. Veterinarian! My Small Munsterlander Dog, Rex, has become incredibly obsessed with socks. No matter where I put the socks, Rex always finds them and brings them to me or hides with them. Is this normal behaviour or should I be worried?"

Veterinarian's reply

"Dear Owner, you have shared an interesting story about Rex.

First of all, don't worry, this is not necessarily a problem.

Muensterland vizslas are known for their intense attachment to their owners and often bring them gifts. This is their way of showing their love and devotion.

The socks may represent your scent to Rex, and this has a calming effect on him!

However, if this behaviour becomes problematic – for example, if Rex tries to eat the socks, which could cause him to choke – you should contact a dog behaviour expert immediately!

It is important to control play and chewing with appropriate toys and activities! This way Rex will not harm himself or his environment."

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