Silent Pain: Spondylosis in the Russell Terrier Dog

Dog owner question:

"Hello! My Russell Terrier dog, named Loki, has been much quieter and calmer than usual lately. I have noticed that he has been avoiding playing and running around. Or rather, he sometimes moans when he gets up or goes to bed. What could be the problem?"

Vet's answer:

"Hi! Based on the symptoms your dog is showing, we need to consider possible causes for the pain.

One possible diagnosis is spondylosis, which is a chronic condition affecting the vertebrae of the spine. This disease is part of the aging process and often causes pain that can affect the dogs behaviour and activity.

Dogs suffering from spondylosis tend to over-rest, avoid play and exercise as these activities often increase pain. Pain can also affect the dogs' general mood, which may explain Loki's quiet behaviour.

I recommend taking Loki to a vet who can take an x-ray of the dog's spine to confirm the diagnosis.

If spondylosis is the problem, the vet will discuss possible treatment options with you, which may include painkillers, anti-inflammatories, and possibly physiotherapy.

Remember, starting treatment as early as possible will increase the chances of success and help your dog regain his or her old zest for life."

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