Signs of hearing loss in the Finnish Spitz dog

Dog owner question

"Hi! My Finnish Spitz dog, Tuuli, seems not to respond when I call her. Is it possible that he has a hearing loss or is he just ignoring me?"

Veterinarian's reply

"Hi! Regarding your dog, Tuuli, it's important to know that progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), which causes slow death of the retina of the eye, which can result in blindness, is quite common in Finnish Spitzes. However, this does not affect hearing. Still, you say that Tuuli is not responding to your call, which is a cause for concern.

Hearing loss in dogs can occur for a number of reasons, including ear infections, warts, blockage of the ear canals, ageing and in some cases genetic causes.

Hearing loss can occur suddenly or gradually, depending on the cause.

If Tuuli does not respond to your calls or other sound effects, I recommend you take him to the vet as soon as possible!

Your vet can perform a number of tests to rule out possible causes of hearing loss, including an ear exam to determine if there are any visible abnormalities or blockages that could be causing hearing problems.

Treatment of hearing loss depends mainly on what is causing it. If the problem is an ear infection or wart, the vet may prescribe antibiotics or other medication.

If the hearing loss is caused by ageing, your vet can advise you on how to make your pet's life more comfortable, taking hearing loss into account.

Although hearing loss can severely affect your dog's quality of life, dogs adapt well to hearing loss and can live full and happy lives if they are given the right care and support.

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I hope this helps and that Tuuli feels better soon!"