Plott Hound’s restlessness at night: sleep disturbance or more serious problem?

Dog owner question:

"A three-year-old Plott hound named Rex is our pet. For the past few weeks Rex has been restless at night: he tosses and turns, paces and sometimes whines. During the day he is completely normal, active and happy. What could be causing this behaviour?"

Veterinary answer:

"It is understandable that you are concerned about Rex's restlessness at night.

Plott's dogs are notorious for their alertness and active nature and there are several possible explanations for their nocturnal restlessness.

First, sleep disturbances are common in dogs, as they are in humans.

This can be due to environmental changes, dietary changes or even changes with age.

Alternatively, dogs, like humans, often experience nocturnal restlessness when they are suffering from a medical condition.

Restlessness and whining may also be signs that Rex is in pain.

This could be arthritis, a digestive problem or even cardiovascular disease.

If Rex's symptoms persist and do not subside, I recommend that you see a vet urgently!

Another possibility is that Rex's behaviour is caused by psychological factors.

Separation anxiety, stress, or boredom may all be contributing to the nocturnal restlessness. The vet will be able to take a closer look at Rex's behaviour and suggest appropriate treatment.

It is important to remember that these dogs were originally hunting dogs, so restless behaviour may be part of their natural instinct.

If Rex's symptoms don't improve, it's a really good idea to consult a nearby vet!"

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