Playful dog: how to understand your dog’s playful signals

Dogs are very social animals and play plays an important role in their lives.

But how can you understand when your dog is calling you to play?

Here are some signs and behaviours that indicate your dog is ready to play.

  1. The play call pose

This is the most common sign that your dog is calling you to play. The dog bends low with its front legs while its hind legs and tail are raised high. This pose will probably be familiar to you because dogs often assume it when they are playful and energetic.

  1. Flexible, playful exercise

Dogs, when acting playful, often jump, run, do a lap dance, or move back and forth.

If your dog's behaviour is energetic and playful, it probably wants to play.

  1. Tail wagging

A fast and high tail wag is usually a sign of playfulness! The dog may even wag its tail in a circle.

  1. Fetching toys

Sometimes dogs express their desire to play by bringing you their toys.

If your dog brings you a ball or toy and then jumps back or looks at you expectantly, he wants to play with you.

  1. Playful barking or whining

Some dogs bark or whine playfully when they want to play. This barking is often higher pitched and more excited than normal barking.

  1. Seeking physical contact

Dogs often try to make physical contact when they want to play. Your dog may rub against you, jump on you, or bump his head against your leg to get your attention.

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When your dog shows these signs, it's important to respond positively!

Play is very important for your dog's mental and physical health and is a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

It is important to always keep your dog's safety in mind when playing!