Dog howling: what are the meanings of the different sounds?

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Howling dogs can communicate a wide range of emotions and information. Understanding how dogs communicate will help you to better understand them, treat them better and form deeper bonds with them. Let's see what different howls dogs can use and what they can mean! Long, high-pitched howls A long, high-pitched howl is typically a sign … Read more

Dog aggression: watch out for these signs!

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Understanding and managing aggression is a vital part of responsible dog ownership. Aggressive behaviour causes serious problems and, if not managed properly, can be a danger to people and other animals. Recognising and understanding the signs of aggression will help you avoid potentially dangerous situations and seek help from a professional if necessary! Posture of … Read more

Dogs’ body language: signs of insecurity and fear

Dogs are able to express a wide range of emotions and moods through their body language, which includes their posture, tail position, ear position, eye direction and many other elements. Dogs are good at signalling when they are unsure or afraid. Below is an overview of how to recognise this through their posture and other … Read more

Dogs and stress: How do we know when our dog is nervous or stressed?

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Dogs, like most animals, communicate very effectively with their body language. Their emotional state, including nervousness and tension, is expressed in a variety of signals. Below are the most common signs that can tell you when your dog is nervous or tense! Restless exercise Nervous dogs are often restless and tense. They may be constantly … Read more