Nutritional Needs and Sensitivity of the Chinese Naked Dog

Owner's question

"Hi! Why is my Chinese Crested Dog prone to food sensitivities? What can I do to feed him properly and keep him healthy?"

Vet's detailed answer

"Hi! Your Chinese Crested Dog is indeed prone to certain food sensitivities and allergies. This susceptibility is inherent in the breed's genetics, but fortunately there are ways to reduce symptoms and improve your dog's quality of life.

The first and most important step is to follow the special diet recommended by your vet!

In some cases, the allergens causing skin problems are food-borne, so a change in diet can make a dramatic difference.

Grains, dairy, chicken or beef may be the cause of the allergy, so eliminating these ingredients from your diet can help.

Special diets in the shops are usually more expensive than conventional dog food, but can pay for themselves in the long run, with fewer medical treatments and medicines needed. Your vet can help you find the best diet for your dog.

Chinese Naked Dog

It is also important that your dog gets the right amount and quality of food.

The Chinese Naked Dog is a small breed, so overfeeding can easily lead to obesity, which can cause further health problems. Conversely, inadequate food intake can lead to malnutrition!

It is also important to remember that skin problems are not always nutritional.

If skin problems persist despite dietary changes, further tests may be needed to see if there is another cause, such as parasites, hormonal imbalances or environmental allergens.

Treating food sensitivities in Chinese Naked Dogs requires a thorough diagnosis and a special diet. Working with your veterinarian is the best way to ensure your dog's nutritional needs are properly addressed and he stays healthy."