My Puli Dog Became a Predator: What should I do?

Dog owner question:

“Hi! We have a Puli dog, his name is Miska and he has been a very friendly dog so far.

Recently our children got a rabbit and we moved it into the garden. Miska, ever since he saw the rabbit, it’s like he imagines himself as a hunting dog and always wants to catch the bunny.

He never did that before, he even got on well with the cats in the neighbourhood! Should I be worried?”

Answer from a dog psychologist:

“Hi! The Puli is a breed of dog that has a strong instinct to protect and herd flocks. This instinct includes the control of smaller animals.

Cats are often friendly with non-fighting dogs and have a mutual respect for each other. Rabbits, on the other hand, may simply appear to dogs as prey. Therefore, the Puli dog’s behaviour is instinctive.

Most importantly, never leave your bunny and your dog together unsupervised!

Puli dogs are smart and docile, so they respond well to behavioural training. Teaching and practicing the commands “Sit!”, “Stay!” and “Leave him alone!” will help your puppy not to chase the rabbit.

It may also be that the appearance of a bunny in the garden is new to your dog and that his interest in it will wane over time.

However, if your dog’s behaviour doesn’t change, or if you feel the rabbit’s safety is at risk at any time, it’s worth seeking professional advice!

A behaviourist will help ensure that your Puli and your bunny can live together safely and peacefully.

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Every dog is unique, and what works for one may not work for another.

Patience and consistency are key in this process!

If you persevere, over time you will succeed in creating a harmonious atmosphere in your home for even more different animals.”