My Pug is making strange noises – What should I do?

Dog owner question:

"I have a pug (Pug) breed dog named Bruno. Hemakes very strange noises, like he is breathing hard. Is this normal for this breed or should I be worried?"

Vet's reply:

"The symptom you describe is unfortunately a common problem in pug dogs and other flat-nosed (brachycephalic) dog breeds.

These breeds are prone to respiratory problems because their airways are shorter and narrower.

The cause of your dog's odd breathing is likely to be brachycephalic respiratory syndrome, which involves anatomical abnormalities of the upper airway, including narrowed nostrils, a long palate, and a hypoplastic trachea.

These abnormalities cause dogs to make heavy, snorting, snorting, or snorting sounds.

Although these sounds may seem normal in pug dogs, it is worth checking with a vet to make sure that any more serious health problems can be ruled out.

In mild cases, where the dog shows no signs of choking or serious breathing difficulties, treatment may not be necessary.

However, if the dog is having difficulty breathing, especially after active exercise, or if it is choking frequently, medical intervention may be necessary. This may involve surgical treatment.

Always make sure your puppy is kept in a cool and well-ventilated area, especially in hot weather, as pug dogs are sensitive to high temperatures!

Being overweight also increases the risk of respiratory problems, so it is important to maintain a healthy weight for your dog.

If you look after your puppy, he can live a happy and fulfilling life. Hope I've been able to help!"