Maltese dog food allergies: what to do about skin rashes?

Dog owner question

"Hi! Our little Maltese dog, Mapple, is very picky about his food. We have noticed that after certain foods his skin gets a rash. What could be the problem?"

Veterinary answer

"Hi! First of all, I would say that it's good that you noticed Mapple's reaction.

With food allergies we often see similar symptoms to what you describe. Maltese dogs, as a breed of dog, are prone to food allergies which unfortunately can cause serious skin problems.

The essence of food allergy is that the dog's immune system overreacts to certain foods and as a result the body produces an inflammatory response.

This can often be accompanied by rashes, itching, scaly skin or even hair loss. Common allergens include wheat, milk, soya, beef and eggs, but any food can cause this, depending on the dog.

Maltese Dog 1

The best way to find out what foods Mapple is allergic to is to follow an elimination diet.

This means completely simplifying his diet and then gradually introducing each food to see which one causes the reaction.

It's a long process and I recommend you consult your vet about the details of the diet!

Otherwise, proper nutritional supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids can help maintain skin health and reduce inflammation.

In some cases, medication may be needed to treat symptoms, but this should only be done under medical supervision!

Most dogs with food allergies can still enjoy life and good food, just with the right care and treatment. I hope that Mapple will feel better soon!"