Loud signs of pain in your dog: when to worry?

If your pet is in pain, we'd love it if they could tell us what's wrong.

Because dogs can't talk, they use their body language and voice to express themselves. In this article, we will look at the sounds your dog can make when it is in pain.

Whining and Whimpering

Whining and whimpering are common sounds dogs make when they are in pain. For example, if you accidentally hit your doggie's leg with the door, he will probably whine.

However, remember that whining doesn't always mean pain!

Dogs also often whine or squeak because of excitement, fear or boredom. Watch out for other signs such as changes in behaviour, appetite or posture.

Growling and Whining

Growling and barking are not as common as whining, but they can occur if the dog is in a very distressing situation.

For example, if your dog is sick or injured and someone tries to touch a part of his body that is hurting, he may react by growling or yelping!

Whimpering and Snoring

Sometimes, if your dog is in pain, it may whimper or snore. This is particularly common in conditions such as arthritis, where movement itself causes pain.

If your dog suddenly starts to whine or snore when he gets up or lies down, you should take him to the vet.

Dogs are very good at hiding their pain, especially chronic pain!

If your dog's behaviour changes suddenly or if you suspect it is in pain, always consult a vet!

Veterinarians can help with the diagnosis and give the right treatment for your pet. Do not try to treat your puppy's pain at home, as this could cause further injury!