Lakeland Terrier and the Mysterious Tooth Problem

Dog owner question

"Hi! My 3 year old Lakeland Terrier dog, named Berci, has always liked to chew things, which seems to be normal dog behaviour.

However, recently I have noticed that his chewing seems to be painful and he even avoids his favourite toys. In addition, he sometimes shows pain when eating. I am afraid that this is some serious dental problem. What do you suggest?"

Veterinarian's reply

"Hi! Thank you for your question and I completely understand why you are concerned about Berci.

Lakeland Terriers really like to chew all sorts of things because it helps them relieve stress and keep their teeth healthy.

However, what you describe is a cause for concern and worth investigating thoroughly!

Toothache in dogs is indeed a serious problem and can be caused by many different reasons.

These include tooth decay, tartar, gingivitis or even a broken tooth.

If Berci avoids chewing and shows pain when eating, this could all indicate that she has a dental problem.

So, take Berci to the vet as soon as possible, who will examine her mouth and determine the cause of the pain!

If the problem is dental, the vet will be able to suggest treatment options.

This may include professional teeth cleaning to remove tartar, treatment for cavities, treatment for broken teeth, and a special diet and dental care routine.

Dogs' oral hygiene is vital for the health of their whole body! Regular dental care, brushing and tartar removal can all work together to help avoid serious dental problems.

If Berci is in any pain, take action to help her as soon as possible!

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Good luck to you and Berci!"