Komondor dog in the water – harmless bathing or a warning sign?

Question from the farmer

"Hi! My Komondor dog, his name is Matteo, likes to swim in the water, which is not really typical for the breed. I thought he just likes to cool off in the summer heat, but now he does the same thing in the cold months. Do you think this is a harmless habit or should I be worried about something?"

Veterinarian's reply

"Hi! Komondoras are notorious for not being a big fan of water, partly due to their thick fur, which can take a long time to dry.

But as with all rules, there are exceptions! Maybe Matteo just likes being in the water, regardless of the weather.

However, if the love of water was not present when Matteo was young and has only recently developed, you may want to rule out some health problems.

Some dogs, for example, will visit water sources when they are extremely thirsty. Increased thirst can also be a sign of diabetes or kidney problems!

If Matteo is drinking more water than usual, or if his urine is more frequent and much more dilute than usual, be sure to take him to the doctor for a check-up!

If Matteo is eating well, his weight is normal and his urine is normal, there is nothing to worry about!

Just make sure that his fur is thoroughly dry after he comes out of the water, especially in cold weather, to avoid colds or skin irritation.

I hope this answer has helped and that Matteo can continue to enjoy his aquatic adventures, summer or winter!"