Itchy problems: skin allergy in wire-haired German shepherds

Dog owner question

"Hi, my wirehaired German Shepherd is scratching himself constantly and his skin is red and inflamed. Could he be allergic to something?"

Veterinarian's reply

Hi! From what you have described, it seems that your dog may be suffering from a skin allergy. Allergic reactions are conditions that develop when the immune system reacts abnormally to certain substances called allergens.

Food allergies and environmental allergies, such as to pollen, dust mites and certain substances in carpets or blankets, are common in wire-haired German Shepherds.

Symptoms of allergies include constant scratching, redness, inflammation, rashes and sometimes ear infections. If your dog is showing the symptoms described above, you should visit a vet to confirm the allergy diagnosis and help develop a treatment plan.

Treatment may include avoidance of allergens, special diet, antihistamines and sometimes steroids to treat severe symptoms!

However, it's important to know that skin allergies often require long-term treatment, and in the case of your dog, will likely require lifelong attention and treatment.

I hope this has helped you to understand your dog's problem. We are always here if you have any further questions!

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