Is the Finnish Lapphund prone to cataracts – Treatment and prevention of eye problems!

Dog owner question

"Hi! My Finnish Lapphund dog, Nimo, has a foggy layer in his eyes. Is this caused by a breed specific disease or is it simply due to ageing?"

Veterinarian's answer

"Hi! Based on your question, it is possible that Nimo has developed cataracts, which is a common genetic problem in Finnish Lapphunds.


A cataract is a loss of transparency of the lens of the eye, which creates a hazy, grey layer in the eye. This can interfere with Nimo's vision and cause total blindness in the long term!

Cataracts most commonly develop with ageing, but can also be caused by genetic factors, diabetes, eye injuries or inflammation.

As it is often genetically inherited in Finnish Lapphunds, it is important to have Nimo's eyes checked regularly by your vet!

If you suspect that Nimo has developed cataracts, I recommend taking him to a vet or veterinary ophthalmologist!

Cataracts are diagnosed by examining the eyes. The vet will examine the eye and check the condition of the lens using special instruments.

If Nimo is diagnosed with cataracts, treatment usually requires surgery to remove the affected lens and replace it with an artificial lens.

Cataractsurgery is very effective and can restore Aino's normal vision!

To prevent cataracts, it's important to keep an eye on Nimo's health and take him for regular vet check-ups!

In addition, if you plan to breed Nimo, consider having him genetically tested to check for cataract susceptibility.

In conclusion, cataracts are a treatable condition and early detection and treatment can help preserve Nimo's vision.

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If you are concerned about Nimo's eyes, don't hesitate to contact your vet as soon as possible."