Irish Terrier – from a peaceful dog to an aggressive beast?

Dog owner's question

"Hi! I would like to ask for your help. My Irish Terrier, Tobby, is currently three years old and has recently become a bit aggressive. Instead of his previous friendly and inquisitive nature, he has become grumpy towards other dogs when we walk him in the park. Sometimes he even growls at me if I don't let him off the lead! What could be the problem?"

Answer from the dog psychologist

"Hi! Thank you for sharing your problem with me. It is clear that you are concerned about Tobby's change in behaviour and that is completely understandable.

Dogs' behavior can change over time, especially when stressful or disturbing events occur in their lives.

Irish terriers are known for being strong-willed and brave, which can sometimes be misinterpreted as aggression.

It is also possible that Tobby is starting to feel some pain, which may be indicated by his growling.

So the first step is to takeTobby to the vet to rule out physical causes, such as arthritis or dental problems!

Irish terrier

If the vet can't find any physical cause, you are probably dealing with a behavioural problem.

In this case, it is advisable to consult a dog psychologist who is an expert in dog behaviour and can help you determine what is causing Tobby's aggressive behaviour and how best to deal with it.

One possibility is that Tobby is suffering from anxiety, which is indicated by his growling and aggressive behaviour.

He may feel overwhelmed in the park with lots of other dogs and not know how to deal with the situation.

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A dog psychologist can help you to better understand Tobby and the reasons for his anxiety, and can teach you techniques to better manage this situation!"