Irish Setter (Irish Setter) problems – Invisible enemies?

Question from a dog owner

"Hi, I need some help. My Irish Setter, named Riley, has been doing some strange things lately. I notice that he often chases invisible objects in the air and is scratching his head in a strange way. At first I thought he was just playing, but he is doing it more often and with more intensity. I'm getting worried. What do you think is the problem?"

Answer from the vet

"Hi! First of all, it's very important that you noticed Riley's strange behavior and didn't ignore it.

Based on the symptoms you described, it seems that Riley may be experiencing "fly-snapping".

This behaviour means that the dog is snatching at things we can't see, like mosquitoes or flies in the air.

The behaviour can be harmless – some dogs are simply bored or playing – but if Riley is exhibiting this behaviour more often and more intensely, there is probably something more serious going on!

This behaviour can be due to a number of causes including behavioural problems, neurological disorders, eye problems and sometimes gastrointestinal problems!

Therefore, it is important to have Riley undergo neurological and gastrointestinal testing to find out what is causing this behavior!

In the long run, once the tests have ruled out medical problems, it may be worth talking to a behavioral therapist who can help find the cause of the behavior and develop a treatment plan for Riley.

I hope this helps and Riley gets better soon!"

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