If your dog is afraid of other dogs: how can you help him solve the problem?

Many dogs have a fear or anxiety about other dogs, which is perfectly natural.

But there are ways that can help your dog feel more comfortable around other dogs.

  1. Socialisation

Socialisation is essential for a dog. It's best to do this early on, when your dog is still a puppy, as this is when they are most open to new experiences.

When introducing him to other dogs, make sure it is a positive experience for him. If your dog is scared, don't force it!

  1. Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is the best way to shape your dog's behaviour. If your dog is scared of other dogs, try to link encounters with rewards. This could be a pat, a favourite toy or a treat.

  1. Graduation

If your dog is very fearful of other dogs, try to only gradually expose him to other dogs. Start with small increments, for example, your dog can watch the other dog from a distance, then gradually reduce the distance until they are comfortable being side by side.

  1. Training

Consistent training is important for dogs. If your dog is afraid of other dogs, a professional dog trainer can help. Trainers can use specific techniques to help your dog cope with his fear.

  1. Patience

Finally, be patient with your dog. Overcoming fears takes time, and your dog may need more time than you originally thought. Celebrate the small victories and remember that every little bit of progress counts!

Overcoming your dog's fear is a long process, but remember that you are his best friend! Be patient, consistent and positive, and in time your dog will become more confident with other dogs.