Icelandic Sheepdog: Post-move stress management!

Imagine you have a wonderful Icelandic Sheepdog called Bobby!

Bobby is an energetic, lively dog who is always there for you and has your family at heart. But now you're facing a new challenge: moving!

Be aware that moving can be stressful for everyone, including your four-legged family members.

Icelandic Sheepdogs love routine and stability, and moving can upset that balance. So Bobby may start to suffer from anxiety, which may be indicated by unusual behaviour, loss of appetite or panic-like symptoms.

In this situation, it is very important that you support Bobby during and after the move and do everything you can to ease the transition for him.

The first step is to give him the reassurance and stability he needs on moving day.

If possible, find him a safe place where he won't be disturbed by packing and moving furniture. The company of a familiar person on this day can work wonders!

As a second step, once you're in the new home, provide him with his previous routine.

Keeping mealtimes and walking times can help him get used to the new environment more quickly.

In the new home, let Bobby get familiar with the new environment at his own pace.

Don't force him to explore, but let him do it at his own pace.

Keep an eye on Bobby's behaviour in the days and weeks after the move.

If he seems overly anxious, or if you notice any changes in behaviour (such as in sleeping, eating or behaviour), it's worth consulting a professional, such as a vet or behaviourist.

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Moving is always a big change, but with the right preparation, patience and care, the stress levels can be reduced.

A positive attitude and a calm environment are essential for a successful transition!

Whatever the dog, the stress of a new situation is manageable and temporary.

Remember that the most important thing is to be there for Bobby, to support him. Provide him with security and love during this challenging time!