Hyperactive Labrador Retriever – Desperate owner asks

Dog owner question

"Hi! I would like to ask for your help. My Labrador, Lorrax, is constantly hyperactive. He runs, jumps, plays all day and never gets tired. I can't keep up with him!

Even when we spend hours at the park, he just jumps and pulls on the way home. I try to exhaust him every day, but to no avail. I don't know if this is normal or if there's something I should do?"

Vet's reply

"Hi! Labrador Retriever dogs are very active and energetic, especially when young. But even the most active Labradors will be calmer if they are given the right physical and mental stimulation.

Lorrax's constant hyperactivity may be a sign that he is not getting the stimulation he needs, or that he is not calming down because of a medical problem.

For example, a hormonal disorder such as an underactive thyroid can cause hyperactivity!

First, take him to a vet who can do some basic health checks.

If there are no health problems, then it is clearly the case that Lorrax needs a lot more stimulation.

Don't forget the mental challenges!

Labradors are smart and docile dogs, so they need mental challenges too.

Try agility, search games, or teaching more complex commands that will help tire Lorrax out, both physically and mentally.

Your Labrador is very social, so your dog may just want to spend more time with you!

It's best to involve him in your daily activities, such as chores and walks, so that he can be part of these moments and reduce his hyperactivity!

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Each dog is a different individual and what works for one may not have the same results for another.

Be patient and try different methods until you find the one that works best with Lorrax.

I hope this answer has helped, and that soon Lorrax will be able to slow down and enjoy some quieter moments!"