Grooming Bolognese dogs: how to keep them healthy and tangle-free?

Owner's question:

"Hello! I am the owner of a Bolognese puppy and I often have problems with the best way to groom his coat. His long, wavy coat is prone to tangling and I am afraid that I am not grooming him properly. Is there any advice I should follow?"

Vet's detailed answer:

"Hi! You asked a very good question. The hair of Bolognese dogs is indeed prone to tangling and requires special care.

First of all, it is important to brush your dog's coat regularly.At least twice a week, preferably every day.

Regular brushing prevents tangles and clumping and removes dead hairs and dirt. Use a high-quality dog brush or comb that can reach the deeper layers of the coat.

Secondly, if knots form in the coat, gently loosen them with your fingers or a knot loosening tool.

Do not pull or cut out the knots as this may cause pain to the dog and damage its coat.

Third, use shampoos and conditioners for dogs.These will nourish and moisturise the coat, preventing tangles and dryness.

Lastly, remember that Bolognese dogs have sensitive skin, so avoid harsh chemicals or too frequent bathing as this can dry out the skin and coat.

For most Bolognese dogs, bathing once or twice a month is sufficient.

Grooming a Bolognese dog's coat is a time-consuming task, but it can be managed well with the right tools and techniques.

Always be gentle and patient, and watch your dog's reactions to make sure that grooming is a pleasant experience for him!"