From hunting to the family home: the physiological challenges of the active Finnish Hound


"Hi! I have a Finnish Hound who is very active and gets a lot of exercise. What should I know about health problems specific to the breed?"


"Hi! Finnish Hounds are energetic and tenacious dogs that were originally bred for hunting.

Because of their active lifestyle, they can often encounter some health problems, especially if they don't get the necessary rest or proper nutrition.

One of the most common problems that Finnish hounds face is the so-called 'exertional myopathy'. This is an inherited muscle disease that occurs after intense exercise.

Symptoms include weakness, fatigue and, in severe cases, even collapse. If your dog shows these symptoms, stop exercise immediately and rest him!

In addition, Finnish Wrens can be prone to skin problems such as atopic dermatitis.

This is a chronic skin inflammation that causes itching, red, swollen skin and hair loss. If your dog's skin is red, swollen, itchy or if he has increased scratching, it's worth seeing a vet!

These are just a few examples of health problems common to Finnish hounds. Always monitor your dog's behaviour, appetite, coat and energy levels.

If you notice any changes, it's worth seeking the help of a personal expert.

I hope this answer has helped you to prepare for any health problems your Finnish hound may have. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

I wish you and your dog all the best!"

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