Friendly dogs: How do you know if a dog is open to approach?

Dogs are very sociable creatures and most of them like to be close to humans.

But how can you tell if a dog is friendly and open to approach?

Dogs' body language tells you a lot about their condition. Let's see what signs to look for!

  1. Loose, wagging tail

Dogs that are friendly and open wag their tails sideways, and this wagging is all over the dog's body. They also often move their tails below body level, with a loose, whirling motion.

  1. Open posture

Friendly dogs have an open and inviting posture. Their head is raised, ears forward and eyes wide and interested. Their body appears relaxed and balanced.

  1. Interesting gaze

Friendly dogs look at you with interest. Eye contact is brief and frequent and the dog's eyes are wide and calm.

  1. Open mouth, relaxed jaw

If the dog's mouth is open and its jaw is slack, this may indicate that it is open and friendly. This is the smiley-dog state, which indicates that the dog is relaxed and friendly.

  1. Alternating belly and side pointing

Friendly dogs often alternate between showing their sides and belly. This indicates that the dog is open and trusts you.

  1. Playful poses

Friendly and playful dogs assume a playful pose, lowering their front legs, raising their tails high and wagging their tails. This pose is the play-up signal, indicating that the dog is open and ready to play.

  1. Calm and slow movements

The movements of friendly dogs are usually calm and slow. This indicates that the dog is calm and not preparing to attack or run away.

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It is important to always respect the dogs' personal space and never force them to approach!

If the dog is showing friendly signs, you can approach it cautiously, but always leave enough space for it to run away if necessary.

Also, always ask permission from the owner before petting a dog!