Eurasian Dogs and Addison’s Disease: the Hidden Responsible

Dog owner question

"Hi! My Eurasian, Luna, has changed a lot in the last month. She has become anorexic, vomiting and often shaking. She doesn't play much and spends most of the time just lying on her bed. What could be the problem?"

Veterinarian's answer

"Hi! Based on the symptoms you described, Luna's condition may be caused by Addison's disease.

Addison's disease develops when the adrenal glands do not produce enough cortisol, a vital hormone that helps the body deal with stress and regulates the body's metabolism.

Unfortunately, Eurasian dogs as a breed are more prone to this disease than other breeds.

Symptoms of Addison's disease can be highly variable and non-specific, but include loss of appetite, vomiting, weakness, tremors, fatigue and depression.

Many of these symptoms are common to many other diseases, so diagnosing Addison's disease can sometimes be difficult for vets.

The diagnosis of Addison's disease is made by testing blood electrolyte levels and by a stimulation test, which tests the adrenal gland's response to a particular hormone.

If Luna's tests are positive, the veterinarian will probably diagnose Addison's disease.

Fortunately, Addison's disease is treatable and with the right treatment, dogs can live a full life!

Treatment usually involves replacing the missing hormones that Luna will need for the rest of her life. Luna's condition will be monitored regularly by the vet to ensure that the dose of medication is correct.

In Luna's case, I recommend that you see a vet as soon as possible for further tests!

Addison's disease can be serious if not treated properly, but early diagnosis and treatment can greatly improve Luna's quality and length of life.

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Remember, Addison's is a chronic disease, but with the right treatment, Luna can live a happy and active life!"