English Mastiff dog with cracked paws: the secrets of nutritional hyperkeratosis

Dear reader's question:

"Dear Veterinarian! My faithful dog, named Caesar, is an English Mastiff. Despite his huge size, he is gentle and playful and really loves children.

However, recently we have noticed something disturbing. Our dog has pads on his paws and the skin around his nose has started to thicken and crack. It's as if he is excessively dry. This is not only aesthetically disturbing, but apparently unpleasant for the dog. I have tried moisturizers and various nutritional supplements, but nothing seems to be an effective solution. Can you help?"

Veterinary answer:

"Dear Owner.

Based on your description, it appears that Caesar may be suffering from nutritional hyperkeratosis.

This is a rare but still common problem, especially in large dogs such as the English Mastiff. The condition is often associated with inadequate nutrition, particularly a lack of zinc or essential fatty acids.

The first step is to examine Caesar's diet.

Even if your dog appears balanced, you may not be providing him with the right quantity and quality of nutrients.

I recommend that you also consult a vet who specialises in canine nutrition. This will give you a definitive answer as to whether Caesar is getting the right amount and quality of nutrition.

You can also try a special diet for your dog on the advice of your vet.

This diet is likely to contain zinc and essential fatty acids, which can help restore the skin.

In addition, various medications and ointments are available to help alleviate Caesar's skin problems. Many of these can only be prescribed by a vet, so be sure to consult your vet!

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Treating nutritional hyperkeratosis is a long process.

Your dog will need time for his body to readjust his zinc levels and for his skin to regenerate.

Be patient and continue treatment even if there seems to be no change in the short term!

Also, it is important to check Caesar's health at regular intervals to make sure you are on the right track.

Nutritional hyperkeratosis is just one of the many potential health problems that can affect English Mastiff cats.

These dogs are incredibly lovable and loyal, but they can also face their own set of health challenges due to their large body size.

That's why it's important to work closely with your vet to make sure your puppy is in the best possible health!

I hope you find this information useful.

I wish you the best of luck with Caesar's treatment and remember that the most important thing is love and care!"