Miniature Schnauzer: diabetes at the heart

Dog owner question:

“Mr. Veterinarian, I am concerned about my little Schnauzer, Maxi. I’m worried about my doggie, I’m asking my vet about my dog, who seems to be drinking more than usual, peeing more than usual and seems to be gaining weight, even though his diet hasn’t changed. I wonder what is behind it?”

Vet’s answer:

“Hi, you were right to contact me because these symptoms could indicate that Maxi has diabetes.

Unfortunately, diabetes is not uncommon in miniature schnauzers.

Frequent urination and unusually heavy drinking are signs that her body is trying to cope with high blood sugar levels.

And the weight gain may be due to the body’s inability to use the food it takes in efficiently, turning excess into fat.

The first step is to take Maxi to the doctor for a blood test to confirm or rule out diabetes!

If the diagnosis is confirmed, there is no need to worry! Diabetes is a manageable condition if detected early and treated properly.

With the help of a dietitian, Maxi’s diet will need to be modified and daily insulin injections may be needed to stabilise your dog’s blood glucose levels.

It is very important not to panic! With the right treatment and care, Maxi can live a happy, active life.

It’s important to work closely with your vet and have your dog’s blood sugar checked regularly for best results.”

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