Drentse Patrijshond and Epilepsy: How to recognise and treat it?

Dog owner question

"Hi! My Drentse Patrijshond (Drentse Patrijshond), named Bruno, sometimes behaves strangely: he suddenly loses his balance, has convulsions and sometimes even faints. I read that this could be epilepsy, which is common in the breed. What symptoms should I watch out for and what can I do if mine is diagnosed with epilepsy?"

Veterinarian's reply

"Hi! It's great that you noticed Bruno's symptoms and are concerned about his health.

Unfortunately, Drenti vizslas do indeed have a predisposition to epilepsy, which is a neurological disorder that causes recurrent seizures.

During an epileptic seizure, the dog usually falls suddenly, assumes a rigid posture, and then convulses and twitches. This usually lasts for a few minutes, but in the case of prolonged seizures, veterinary help should be sought immediately.

Bruno's symptoms, such as loss of balance and fainting, may all indicate epilepsy.

If you suspect Bruno has epilepsy, take him to the vet immediately!

Diagnosing epilepsy can often be difficult because other conditions can cause similar symptoms. The vet will first rule out other possible causes and may then carry out further tests if necessary. For example, blood tests, spinal fluid tests or brain imaging.

If Bruno is diagnosed with epilepsy, he will probably be given medication to treat the seizures and prolong the time between seizures.

Although epilepsy cannot be completely cured, with the right treatment most dogs can live normal, happy lives!

It is important to be aware that dogs with epilepsy require special care. For example, when Bruno has a seizure, it's important to stay calm, keep him safe and try to avoid him hitting himself.

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If the seizure lasts more than a few minutes, or if Bruno has several seizures in a row, call the vet immediately!

Epilepsy is a serious but treatable condition.

If you are prepared to give Bruno the right care and support, he can continue to be a happy and healthy dog. I hope this has helped and Bruno gets better soon!"