Dangers of kneecap dislocation in Fox Terrier dogs


"Hi! My fox terrier, named Pippin, sometimes limps and sometimes seems like he can't quite get on his feet. Is this normal for this breed?"


"Hi! First of all, it's great that you noticed Pippin's symptoms and are seeking veterinary advice.

The limping and leg weight bearing difficulties in Fox Terrier breeds can be signs of patellar luxation.

This means that the kneecap, which helps with flexion and extension movements, is displaced from its normal position.

Patellar luxation can occur in three degrees: mild, moderate and severe.

In mild cases, the kneecap occasionally moves but easily returns to its position, while in severe cases the kneecap is permanently displaced and cannot return to its position.

This can cause severe pain to the dog and prevent normal movement!

Fox terriers are genetically predisposed to this condition, so if Pippin shows any symptoms, be sure to take him to a vet. Diagnosis is usually made by physical examination and x-ray.

Treatment may be conservative or surgical, depending on the severity of the luxation.

In mild cases, analgesia and anti-inflammatory treatment and rest for the dog are often sufficient.

In severe cases, however, surgical intervention may be necessary to repair the kneecap and ensure normal function.

It is important that you check Pippin's condition regularly and if you notice any changes, contact your vet immediately.

Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment can make a big difference to your dog's long-term health and well-being.

I wish you all the best and hope Pippin gets better soon!"