Consequences of Greyhound Speed: Dog Psychologist Answers

Dog owner question

"Hi! We have an English Greyhound named Flash who captivates everyone with his quickness and friendly nature. However, recently he has started to act aggressive when he meets other dogs in the park, especially when they are running. How can I change this behaviour?"

Answer from a dog psychologist

"Hi! It's great that you have a Greyhound dog in your home, they are wonderful and fascinating animals. Greyhounds were originally bred to run fast, but unfortunately this hunting instinct sometimes causes problems. Especially when other dogs are around!

This behaviour is not uncommon among Greyhounds and many people think it is a sign of aggression, when in fact dogs are just reacting to their basic instincts.

Here are some strategies you can try

Impulse Control Training

In Impulse Control Training, you teach your dog to resist his instinctive reactions. This training is effective with Greyhounds because it helps them learn how to manage their hunting instincts.

Positive Reinforcement

Always reward your dog when he behaves well with other dogs. This helps him understand that calm and friendly behaviour has positive consequences.

Community Training

Greyhounds need regular socialisation to learn how to behave with other dogs! This can be as simple as regular visits to the park to meet other dogs.

Professional Training

If the problem persists, consider hiring a professional dog trainer. They can put together a personalized program to help your dog handle these challenges!

These strategies can help correct Flash's behavior.

The key is to be patient and consistent, and always support him through this process.

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Greyhounds are intelligent and sensitive dogs, and they have the ability to learn how to behave correctly. Good luck!"

I hope this answer is helpful to you. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask!