Clumber Spaniel: Special Hearing Problems

Owner's question

"Hi! In our family we have a Clumber Spaniel named Chubby who sometimes seems like he can't hear what I'm saying. Our vet said that their breed is often prone to hearing problems. What do I make of this and what can I do?"

Vet's reply

"Hi! Unfortunately, the Clumber Spaniel breed is indeed prone to hearing problems, which may be genetic.

This means that the dog has had the problem from birth and as it grows and develops, the symptoms may become more noticeable.

One such hearing problem is congenital deafness, which means that the dog is completely deaf in one or both ears.

This is usually diagnosed by vets in the early stages of puppyhood.

Another common problem is progressive hearing loss, which means that the dog's hearing gradually deteriorates over time.

This is manifested by symptoms such as the dog not responding to his name or commands, or being startled when suddenly touched because he didn't hear someone approaching.

As for treatment, unfortunately hearing loss is usually permanent and cannot be cured.

However, there are many ways to improve your dog's quality of life. For example, you can help him learn to navigate the world by training him to rely on his other senses.

Many deaf dogs can learn by using hand signals instead of voice commands.

It is also worth consulting a vet, who can help identify possible causes of hearing problems and make suggestions for their treatment.

In addition, regular check-ups will help monitor the condition and ensure that the dog is receiving the highest possible level of care.

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Although hearing problems can be challenging, many Clumber Spaniels live happy and fulfilling lives, even if their hearing is not perfect.

Chubby is lucky to have an owner as caring and thoughtful as you!"